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Thousands of people lost their property as a result of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The devastation caused by this ecological disaster has led to over 400,000 Gulf Coast Facility claims being filed by people seeking compensation from BP for their damaged property and loss of rental income.

Statistics show that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has already paid out around $3.4 billion to 169, 261 businesses and individuals. However reports also show that over 60,000 of the claims made have been rejected by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which occurred on April 20th 2010, is globally recognised as one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S history and has resulted in thousands of BP claims. The oil spill began with a sudden explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon; a semi-submersible drilling rig.  Moreover the oil gusher could not be stopped for nearly three months until it was finally blocked on July 15. During that period of time more than 200 million gallons of oil were released into the Gulf of Mexico.

The BP oil spill spread quickly, going on to affect the Delta National Wildlife Refuge and the Breton National Wildlife Refuge. At the beginning of June, it was observed along the beaches of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Later, it reached the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and the Alabama barrier islands. By October oil deposits had reached West Bay, Texas and Venice, Louisiana.

The impact of this ecological catastrophe should not be underestimated. The BP oil spill has negatively affected economically significant sectors of the Gulf Coast, paricularly the international tourism, recreation, commercial fishing, shrimping and oyster farming industries. Boat, dock and marina operators as well as restaurant and real property owners have also suffered negative effects of the BP oil spill.

Gulf Coast Facility Claims Guide

After the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the US Coast Guard classified BP as the responsible party and therefore responsible for compensating costs and damages associated with the oil spill. Subsequently, BP established a $20 billion fund and established the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. This claim facility was designed to accept, review and settle claims filed by people who are eligible to receive compensation for their lost property in Florida and other affected states.

Initially, August 23th, 2010 was set as the final date for filing claims. However, in December 2010 a second phase of the compensation program for BP oil spill victims was announced to cover long-term financial costs to area residents in connection with the spill.

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